6.7.18 Science Speed Dating

Written by: Meeri Kim

More than 200 scientists and entertainment professionals gathered on the second floor of the Creative Artists Agency in Century City sipping on wine and getting to know one another as they waited for the main event of the night to begin. Everyone had been given a vintage motel key with…

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Brokered Boundaries: A Conversation About Immigrants in Anti-Immigrant Times

Written by: Alisa Neymark

The Science & Entertainment Exchange salon “Brokered Boundaries: A Conversation About Immigrants in Anti-Immigrant Times” was an intimate event in the library of the home of Dan and Colette Bennett. The evening unfolded with lively conversation among dinner guests. It was followed by an informal lecture on international migration across…

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Unfolding Cities

Written by: Jessie Hendricks

The historic Bradbury building, a significant architectural gem that may best represent the past, present, and future of downtown Los Angeles, is now home to the Berggruen Institute, a foundation that provides ideas for a changing world. The Institute was the location for a recent panel discussion on Unfolding Cities.…

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The Science of Sex

Written by: Cam Mesinger

Mice do not fall in love. Ducks have corkscrew-shaped penises. Gender is different than sex. The conversation at the Science of Sex event on February 12, 2018, was thought-provoking and thoroughly interesting. With Valentine’s Day approaching, the topic of discussion was entirely appropriate. Hosted at The William Vale, the event…

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12.5.17 Science Speed Dating

Written by: Sarah Taber

On a cold, rainy night in December 2017, a dedicated band of scientists and storytellers met at The William Vale in Brooklyn. The event: Science Speed Dating. The objective: scientists have seven minutes to talk about their life’s work, followed by a Q&A panel. While all too brief, our speakers…

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Bioethics: Killer Conundrums, Deadly Dilemmas

Written by: Mark Haynes

Do no harm. This basic tenant of the Hippocratic Oath is incredibly simple. But now, as we move into a future of radical transplant techniques, gene therapies, and evermore expensive pharmaceutical wonders, the advances in technology are coming face to face with the ethics around what can be done versus…

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One Night to Save the World

Written by: Jacob Duell

The year is 2117. You arrive home from work and your door knows your name. It opens for you. The lights dim to the precise brightness where you feel most relaxed. Your speakers are the perfect DJ—they play the exact song you want to hear without requesting it. You pull…

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The Science of Fear

Written by: Meeri Kim

Horror movies have always given us plenty of nightmare fodder. Moments like the disturbing elevator full of blood in The Shining, Psycho’s famously chilling shower scene, and a possessed girl’s head spin in The Exorcist have burned themselves into our brains from the very first viewing. But ultimately, we can…

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Gene Editing: Balancing Risk & Reward

Written by: Sarah-Doe Osborne

An audience of filmmakers and scientists packed the screening room of The Science & Entertainment Exchange Vice-Chairs Jerry and Janet Zucker for a salon on the subject of gene editing. Janet Zucker opened the night commemorating the late Ralph Cicerone, former president of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), by…

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Women in Media: Innovation in Storytelling

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Written by: Adam Fratto

The Exchange offered an array of cool events at Comic Con this year, including the live-streamed “Women in Media” panel. The conversation—casual but pointed, witty but serious minded—featured a handful of accomplished women discussing the intersection of technology and storytelling, the challenges and opportunities they face in their respective career…

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