Gene Editing: Balancing Risk & Reward

Written by: Sarah-Doe Osborne

An audience of filmmakers and scientists packed the screening room of The Science & Entertainment Exchange Vice-Chairs Jerry and Janet Zucker for a salon on the subject of gene editing. Janet Zucker opened the night commemorating the late Ralph Cicerone, former president of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), by…

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Women in Media: Innovation in Storytelling

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Written by: Adam Fratto

The Exchange offered an array of cool events at Comic Con this year, including the live-streamed “Women in Media” panel. The conversation—casual but pointed, witty but serious minded—featured a handful of accomplished women discussing the intersection of technology and storytelling, the challenges and opportunities they face in their respective career…

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Farms and Food

Written by: Danny Galvin

What is the greatest threat to human health? Guests at the Farm and Food event held at director Oz Scott’s house were prompted to consider that question by Ellen Silbergeld, a professor of environmental health sciences, epidemiology, and health policy and management at Johns Hopkins University. Silbergeld’s answer was not…

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6.28.17 Science Speed Dating

Written by: Michael Levin

Our first date set the tone, dressed for the occasion. A suit with a turquoise shirt, silver hoops in his ears, pins on his lapel, and boots with flames coming up over the toes. The wine was chilled, the lights were dimmed, and the clock had started ticking. He spent…

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2017 Jet Propulsion Laboratory Tour

Written by: Carly Wray

“The fact that we don’t know how planets are formed is really depressing.” That is Dr. Randii Wesson talking, and he is saying it with a big smile. He is referring to a debate about whether planets begin as gas and collect solids or whether it is the other way…

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4.4.17 Science Speed Dating

Written by: Damien Bérubé

Last week, The Exchange held its popular Science Speed Dating event at Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and it was no ordinary speed dating! Starting at 7 p.m., seven scientists rotated among seven groups to make the most of 7 minutes to explain their life’s work. Suffice it to say, luck…

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The Science of “The Expanse”

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Written by: Meeri Kim

More than 130 years ago, a fusion-drive engineer from Mars tinkered around with his spacecraft, hoping to boost its fuel efficiency. Solomon Epstein took his pet project out for a test run, expecting to see a modest improvement. What happened next enabled the Martian colony to break free from the…

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Science Speed Dating

Written by: Yaou Dou

Attendees were separated into different rooms. Seven scientists rotate through each room, switching out every seven minutes, giving attendees a glimpse into compelling worlds. It is just like “speed dating,” but with a more intellectual kind of romance. Afterward, writer/director/producer Wendy Calhoun hosted an excellent Q and A session. Here…

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America’s Climate Change Policy Choices

Written by: Jamie Napoli

“It may be that the nation did not elect its first woman president last year,” said National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Deputy Executive Director for Communications Ann Merchant, “but we did, and we are very proud of that fact.” Ann’s opening remarks kicked off an evening featuring Marcia McNutt, the…

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Naval Aircraft Carrier Tour

Written by: Amy Brown

Recently, I was given the rare opportunity to spend a few days on a Naval aircraft carrier while it was out at sea. On the morning of November 8, I, and a handful of others who work in the entertainment industry, met at the North Island Naval Base in Coronado,…

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