Watch A Series of Fortunate Events with Sean B. Carroll and Seth MacFarlane

Written by: The Exchange


A Series of Fortunate Events: Exploring Chance and the Making of the Planet, Life, and You

For more than 10 years The Science & Entertainment Exchange has facilitated conversations between thought leaders in the entertainment industry and experts in the science community. We invite you to join National Academy of Sciences member Sean B. Carroll and writer/director/producer/actor Seth MacFarlane as they explore the role of dumb luck and chance in determining life, death, and destiny. Why is the world the way it is? How did we get here? And what are the chromosomal odds that you are actually you?

We’re spinning the lottery wheel on this entirely unrehearsed and unscripted event, and look forward to a conversation that is wide-ranging and thought-provoking, spontaneous and entertaining, insightful and irreverent.


Sean B. Carroll is an award-winning scientist, writer, educator, and film producer. He is Vice President for Science Education at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Balo-Simon Chair of Biology at the University of Maryland, and is a member of the National Academy of Sciences. Sean has received the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Life Sciences, been a finalist for the National Book Award in nonfiction, and earned one Emmy and two Emmy nominations for documentary films. His most recent book is A Series of Fortunate Events: Chance and the Making of the Planet, Life, and You published this October by Princeton University Press.

Seth MacFarlane is a prolific writer and director behind some of the most popular content on television and film, while also expanding his career in the worlds of music and philanthropy. At 24, MacFarlane became the youngest showrunner in television history when his animated series Family Guy aired on FOX. He created, currently executive produces, and stars in Hulu’s live-action space adventure series, The Orville. He also executive produced both 21st century installments of the Cosmos series, Cosmos: Possible Worlds. He is on the advisory board of The Science & Entertainment Exchange.

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