All About the Science

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The internet is buzzing over the trailer for War Horse, Steven Spielberg’s upcoming film about a horse sold to the cavalry during World War I. Here at The Exchange, we’re excited Spielberg is (once again) filming a movie with science. No, we aren’t talking about engineering weapons, the physics of warfare or the trajectories of bullets in a battlefield – it’s the horse that caught our attention.

Yes, that’s right. Need to know the biology behind horses? There’s a scientist for that. The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) even has a report on the nutritional requirements of horses (as well as cats, dogs, and pigs, other well-loved subjects in cinema). Other NAS reports cover animal health, animal disease and veterinary science. So whether a film features an alien or a pig (or an alien pig), The Exchange can still provide a helping hand with the movie’s science! Afterall, The Exchange isn’t “all about the sci-fi” – we’re all about science!

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