Celebrate Science and Science-Fiction All Year Round

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If you think the holidays are coming up soon, you may be surprised to know you missed months and months of holidays – science and science-fiction holidays, we mean. Scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and science-fiction fans appear to be party animals – look at all the holidays for science, math, biology, science fiction, and more! Earlier this week it was Read Comics in Public Day and later in September, it is International Observe the Moon Night. Plus, October 23 is one of the best holidays around: Mole Day. But there are so many before and after and in-between – check them out below (and let us know in the comments if we missed any)!


2 – Science Fiction Day

17 – Kid Inventors Day


2 – Create a Vacuum Day

11 – National Inventors Day

12 – Darwin Day

28 – National Science Day


14 – Pi Day

23 – Near Miss Day

25 – Tolkien Reading Day

31 – Bunsen Burner Day


12 – Yuri’s Night (World Space Party)

22 – Earth Day

26 – Richter Scale Day


4 – Star Wars Day (“May the fourth be with you.”)

12 – National Lab Day

25 – Towel Day (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)


30 – Meteor Day


20 – Moon Day


28 – Read Comics in Public Day


18 – International Observe the Moon Night

22 – Hobbit Day

25 – Math Storytelling Day


10 – Powers of Ten Day

20– World Statistics Day

23 – Mole Day


23 – Fibonacci Day

24 – Evolution Day


25 – Grav-mass (Sir Isaac Newton’s Birthday)


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