Deep Sea, Deeper Secrets with David Gallo

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Serene, mysterious, always intriguing, with just a touch of danger – on paper, the description of a beautiful woman and the great Pacific Ocean could be easily confused.

Below the surface of some of the world’s most majestic waves, lies a world that few have experienced, and even fewer have explored. David Gallo is able to count himself as one of the lucky few who has come face to face with the near-secret world that lies beneath the surface of the sea.

During a fabulous, one night event at the home of Jerry and Janet Zucker, David Gallo shared a brief glimpse of a fascinating world that many of us will never get to experience up close. From stunning sea valleys and volcanic ridges to the bizarre creatures that survive, and even thrive, in the deepest parts of the ocean, David Gallo took our audience on a journey that seemed as adventure-filled as a real-life journey to the bottom of the sea. 

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