Watch Heat Season: The Latest Climate Curve Ball

Written by: The Exchange

Most of us welcome summer, happily transitioning from winter’s hibernation spent bundled up in wooly sweaters to the carefree season of shorts and bathing suits. But the extreme, record-breaking high temperatures of 2021 signal the arrival of a new and deadly season. Impacting parts of the country that traditionally enjoy moderate summers, heat season is now brutalizing cities across the northern ranges of the U.S. And it turns out that no place is especially well prepared for this lethal shift in our climate. Heat claims more lives globally than any other weather-related hazard. It is also economically devastating, abruptly halting travel services and often curtailing daylight working hours. Join us for an informative conversation between climate scientist Kate Marvel and Warner Bros. Pictures executive Cate Adams to better understand what comes next as they explore the ways in which we can most successfully navigate this risk and survive the changes brought on by heat season.


Dr. Kate Marvel uses climate models, observations, paleoclimate reconstructions, and basic theory to study climate change. Her work has identified human influences on present-day cloud cover, rainfall patterns, and drought risk. She is also interested in future climate changes, particularly climate feedback processes and the planet’s sensitivity to increased carbon dioxide. Kate teaches in Columbia’s MA in Climate and Society Program and writes the “Hot Planet” column for Scientific American. Named one of “15 Women Who Will Save the World” by Time Magazine, she has been profiled by the New York Times and Rolling Stone, and her 2017 TED talk has been viewed over one million times.

Cate Adams is a Vice President, Production in the Warner Bros. Pictures creative group. Cate was part of the team behind last year’s re-imagining of Roald Dahl’s The Witches and Clouds released on Disney+, along with the hybrid film Tom & Jerry. Previous films include The Meg, Midnight Special, and The Nice Guys. She is currently overseeing the upcoming Wonka to be directed by Paul King and Barbie with Greta Gerwig writing and directing. Prior to joining Warner Bros, Cate worked at the production companies of Lynda Obst, Gail Berman, and Alexandra Milchan. Cate serves as a NextGen Board Member for the Motion Picture Television Fund.

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