Opinion Exchange: The Best show You’re Probably Not Watching

Written by: admin

If you watch nothing else on television – not that I recommend that you do that – you should be watching CBS Sunday Morning.  This long-running series – it’s been on the air nearly 35 years — even won an Emmy a few weeks ago for outstanding morning program, an award long overdue, in my opinion.

Hardly a week goes by that there isn’t something that’s science-related on this show.  Sometimes, it’s more than one item, which was the case this past Sunday when almost the entire 90 minutes was devoted to stories about science and technology.  The top of the show  features the lead story, “The Future Isn’t What it Used To Be,” which was followed up by stories about 3-D printing, the Jetsons, the possibility of life on other planets, and cleaning up the environment.  My favorite from last Sunday’s show was the story on products of the future that flopped.  Seeing that Segway reminded me of my neighbor who still owns one and rides it around our neighborhood, competing with pedestrians and bicyclists for scarce sidewalk space.  His may be the only Segway for miles around, but maybe one day there’ll a Segway comeback.  And my neighbor will have the last laugh; he’ll be deemed a visionary like Dean Kamen, its inventor.

So, I say, put CBS Sunday Morning on your list of shows to watch – or DVR it.  You’ll be watching 90 minutes of television at its absolute best.

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