Watch The Science Behind Catching Criminals and Cheats: Benford’s Law

Written by: The Exchange

What do the IRS, election fraud, great music, Russian bots, deep fakes, and volcanoes have in common? The answer: Benford’s Law. But if you’re like us, you a) didn’t know this and b) don’t understand what this Law is all about. Not to worry because we’ve got you covered. Or more accurately, next week’s Exchange guest does. Computer scientist Jennifer Golbeck will take us through this mind bending mathematical tool that quietly and inexplicably describes our world in a way that’s so consistent, it can be used to catch cheats, thieves, and miscreants online.


Jennifer Golbeck is a Professor in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. Her research focuses on artificial intelligence and social media, privacy, and trust on the web. She also runs a bunch of popular social media accounts, including theGoldenRatio4 featuring her many rescued golden retrievers.

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