SDCC 2018: Bioethics – Killer Conundrums, Deadly Dilemmas

Written by: aebrown

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Bioethics – Killer Conundrums, Deadly Dilemmas

Live From San Diego Comic-Con!
Thursday, July 19

Often it is the seemingly simple questions that create the greatest of quandaries. Leading bioethicists confront the toughest questions raised by both new technology and long entrenched practices. Spend some time engaging with thorny bioethical issues. Prepare to squirm and test your ethics. Join us for an extraordinary discussion that will leave you forever questioning your own moral compass.


Felicia Cohn, Bioethics Director, Kaiser Permanente Orange County
Michael Kalichman, Director, Research Ethics Program, University of California, San Diego

Moderated by Gillian Bohrer, Executive Vice President of Production and Development, Fox 2000

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