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Watch The Science Behind Catching Criminals and Cheats: Benford’s Law

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What do the IRS, election fraud, great music, Russian bots, deep fakes, and volcanoes have in common? The answer: Benford’s Law. But if you’re like us, you a) didn’t know this and b) don’t understand what this Law is all

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Apply for SFFILM Sloan Stories of Science Development Fund by May 21

Recipients of this grant receive ten thousand dollars and participate in a two-day writer’s retreat. This is an exciting opportunity for filmmakers/writers inspired by scientific discoveries. Click here to apply and for more. See below for special fee waiver for

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Watch Rewriting Memory

Recall your happiest memory, experience anew all the emotion it evokes… And then ask yourself: Is that memory accurate? Did it really happen as you recall it years later? Doubtful. Indeed, there’s a fair amount of evidence to suggest that

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