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Gene Editing: Balancing Risk & Reward

An audience of filmmakers and scientists packed the screening room of The Science & Entertainment Exchange Vice-Chairs Jerry and Janet Zucker for a salon on the subject of gene editing. Janet Zucker opened the night commemorating the late Ralph Cicerone,

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Human 2.0: Augmented Humanity

Via technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), scientists are working diligently to make machines that can think like humans. At the same time they are working on technology to help keep humans going—replacing lost limbs, growing or printing new organs, and

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Women in Media: Innovation in Storytelling

The Exchange offered an array of cool events at Comic Con this year, including the live-streamed “Women in Media” panel. The conversation—casual but pointed, witty but serious minded—featured a handful of accomplished women discussing the intersection of technology and storytelling,

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