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RSVP for A Deep Dive with Ocean Explorer David Gallo

RSVP here to join us on 3/3/21 for A Deep Dive with Ocean Explorer David Gallo. Hear from renowned ocean explorer David Gallo, co-leader of the TITANIC and missing flight Air France 447 expeditions. Our oceans have long been a

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Watch TED@NAS: On Stage/Back Stage

Featured Video Play Icon Science catalyzes progress. It allows us to explore our biggest questions, generate new ideas and seek out solutions. At its best, science ignites change and fuels our way forward. In November 2019, TED partnered with the National Academy of

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Watch The Science of Attraction

So you’re at a bar and you notice someone. Or maybe they notice you. Why? Who we find attractive is a hard question to answer. Are some of us wired to be monogamous? Promiscuous? What do the mating habits in

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