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RSVP for Art and Gadgetry: Sparking Creativity

RSVP here to join us on 9/29 at 1PM PDT/4PM EDT for Art and Gadgetry: Sparking Creativity. Check back for more details soon! Speaker: Nathan Seidle is the founder of SparkFun Electronics in Boulder, Colorado. Nathan founded SparkFun in 2003

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Watch Puncturing Stereotypes and Their Impact on Identity

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Stereotypes feel synonymous with many of the characters that we see on TV and in the movies. All Asians know martial arts or own small stores. Black women are sassy, while Latino men are dashing. Germans are efficient, most Brits

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Watch Ask a scientist: A Hollywood Producer and a Scientist Talk Disasters – Part 2

Mass panic and overturned cars in the streets are fun in movies, but is that how people really act during disasters? In Part 2 of this disaster-themed #AskAScientist series, Hollywood producer Diana Williams talks with disasterologist Dr. Samantha Montano about

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