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RSVP for Rewriting Memory

RSVP here to join us on Wednesday, April 21 for Rewriting Memory. Recall your happiest memory, experience anew all the emotion it evokes… And then ask yourself: Is that memory accurate? Did it really happen as you recall it years

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Watch Quantum Century: A Conversation with Carlo Rovelli and Kieran Fitzgerald

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In celebration of World Quantum Day, The Exchange and The Quantum Century Project bring you a conversation between two leaders in their field, quantum physicist Carlo Rovelli and screenwriter Kieran Fitzgerald. Join us for an accessible and user-friendly tour of

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Watch The Power of Stories: Writing the Future of Our Planet

Together, we are writing the future of our planet. In the same way that we are living with the deeds and decisions of the past, the choices made and actions taken by those of us alive today will bear direct

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