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Bid on a Meeting with Toy Story 4 Writer Stephany Folsom in Los Angeles

Bid on a meeting with Toy Story 4 writer Stephany Folsom here. The auction closes June 20 at 3:18PM EST Here’s your chance to meet a top writer and ask all of your biggest questions about storytelling and Hollywood. You

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Going Beyond Intelligent Machines

Artificial intelligence (AI) has always fascinated Hollywood, with the technology mostly depicted in a sinister, ominous light. In The Terminator, the U.S. military commissioned the development of Skynet, a defense AI who gains artificial consciousness and ends up attacking the

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Science Speed Dating

Lively scientists, entertainers, and reporters gathered this week for an unlikely event nestled in Manhattan’s swanky NeueHouse cultural center. Armed with a purple-green cocktail called “The Galaxy” and mysterious hotel keys, guests made their way to their seats in a

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