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The Science of Sex

Mice do not fall in love. Ducks have corkscrew-shaped penises. Gender is different than sex. The conversation at the Science of Sex event on February 12, 2018, was thought-provoking and thoroughly interesting. With Valentine’s Day approaching, the topic of discussion

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12.5.17 Science Speed Dating

On a cold, rainy night in December 2017, a dedicated band of scientists and storytellers met at The William Vale in Brooklyn. The event: Science Speed Dating. The objective: scientists have seven minutes to talk about their life’s work, followed

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Bioethics: Killer Conundrums, Deadly Dilemmas

Do no harm. This basic tenant of the Hippocratic Oath is incredibly simple. But now, as we move into a future of radical transplant techniques, gene therapies, and evermore expensive pharmaceutical wonders, the advances in technology are coming face to

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