Watch Code Red: The Urgency of the Clinician Burnout Crisis

Written by: The Exchange

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The past two years of heightened stressors that COVID-19 has placed on our health care system have put clinicians in the spotlight. As we have come to more fully appreciate their dedication to patient care, we cannot help but recognize the incredible workplace burdens placed on them and the clinician-patient relationship. Pursuing their passion to care for others shouldn’t come at the cost of their own safety, health, or well-being. Stress levels among doctors, nurses, and other clinicians is a longstanding national problem, with approximately half of nurses and physicians as well as medical students and residents reporting substantial symptoms even before the pandemic. This burnout crisis continues to increase at the expense of the individual clinician and the welfare of our society. Transformative change is urgently needed to support clinician well-being, which is inextricably linked to the quality of care we all receive. Tune in to this wide-ranging and compelling conversation between Dr. Tina Shah, a physician dedicated to improving the well-being of all clinicians, and director Milena Govich, whose has worked on numerous episodes of the hit TV show Chicago Med.


Tina Shah is a physician-scientist focused on redesigning healthcare so that clinicians can work at the top of their game. She is Senior Advisor in the Office of the Surgeon General and Principal of TNT Health Enterprises LLC. In 2016-17, Tina served as a White House Fellow and National Director of Clinician Wellbeing at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. More recently, she oversaw Virtual Health and COVID-19 response at Wellstar Health System in GA, helping the organization to deliver 50,000 virtual visits within six weeks and rapidly expand hospital capacity during COVID surges. Tina is a founding member of the National Academy of Medicine’s Clinician Wellbeing Collaborative.

In addition to her Co-Executive Producer/Director role on Dick Wolf’s FBI (CBS), Milena Govich is a director, actor, and musician who has helmed over a dozen episodes of TV and is attached to direct a pilot for MGM. She was selected for American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women, Sony Diverse Directors Program, and Universal Directors Initiative. Her pilot presentation Unspeakable, had its World Premiere at South by Southwest and won Best Episodic at Seattle International and SoHo International Film Festivals. As an actor, she is best known for her TV work on Finding Carter, Rescue Me, and as the first and only female detective on the Emmy winning, Law & Order.

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