Event Recap: Science Speed Dating

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Just outside of our comfort zone is the space where magical things can happen, whether that be finding love, expanding professional horizons, or learning something new and exciting. 

Science Speed Dating was an event that did just that – stretched our programmatic skills to new places, but with an excellent, and spicy, result! 

The brainchild of none other than our excellent Exchange team, Science Speed Dating sent participants on an intellectual journey to explore the work of seven different scientists in seven, seven-minute sessions. Sound like a lot to take in? Remember that all seven scientists worked in disparate fields!

Imagine distilling your life’s work down to a seven minute presentation, which would be given to an audience with zero background on the subject. We expected a lot of our scientists that night, but every single one of them came though and provided our guests with an amazing, thought provoking evening.  A special thanks goes out to our scientists:  Dr. Tom DiLiberto, Dr. Laurie Leshin, Dr. W. Ian Lipkin, Dr. Jon Morse, Dr. David Poppel , Dr. Christine Trinkle, and Dr. Ting Wu. 

NeueHouse, New York provided the perfect backdrop for this innovative event. Surrounded by industrial inspired architectural and design elements, the effortlessly hip vibe of the location set everyone at ease.  

The event kicked off with a “drawing of the keys” a cheeky nod to the events romantic name. Depending on the number key you drew, guests were then matched with their scientist and sent off to their appropriate room. While everyone started with a different scientist, each group had an opportunity to “date” everyone. The beauty of this format was that you could begin the night learning about how weather affected the events surrounding D-Day and by the end of the evening you would have learned about astrophysics, neuroscience and genetics, just to name a few!

Was there a love connection this night? We never kiss and tell, but we can certainly tell you that we are in love with this event! 

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The statements and opinions expressed in this piece are those of the event participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of any organization or agency that provided support for this event or of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.