watch Flap of a Butterfly’s Wing: Unpredictable Chaos of Earth’s Weather System

Written by: The Exchange

Can the soft flap of a butterfly’s wing in Brazil set off a catastrophic tornado in Texas? The notion that very small things can have outsize impacts—the so-called butterfly effect—is the basis for explaining why chaotic systems like the weather (not to be confused with climate) cannot be predicted more than 10 days in advance. Join us as we dig into this fascinating concept and RSVP for our August event featuring meteorologist Tom Di Liberto.


Tom Di Liberto is a climate scientist and award-winning science communicator working as a federal contractor with CollabraLink Technologies at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA’s) Climate Program Office as the senior climate scientist for NOAA’s and the social media editor for the NOAAClimate accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He has also served as the emcee of the Department of State’s U.S. Center at the United Nations climate change conferences COP21, COP22, and most recently COP26, where he helped lead the U.S. government’s public outreach space during the negotiations.

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