Watch Virtual STEMM Education Care Package: Stay Safe, Stay Schooled, Stay Sane

Written by: The Exchange

A Virtual STEMM Education Care Package: Stay Safe, Stay Schooled, Stay Sane

For those who have been helping young learners at home over the past few months, The Exchange wants to provide you with a science care package to help in these difficult times. Now is the time for preparing fresh, exciting ideas for keeping kids engaged. You have equipment and supplies sitting around your house which an be used to conduct science experiments and tackle engineering challenges. Did you know that free mobile apps can turn your smartphone into a data collection tool using the sensors it has to explore the world around you? With uncertainty about what lies ahead for the start of next school year, it is clear that ensuring all students have access to equitable learning opportunities, especially in science, technology, engineering, and math, need to remain a priority. Join us as this panel shares ideas that will have everyone noticing and wondering about the world around them.


DaNel Hogan is the Director of The STEMAZing Project where she helps PreK-12th grade teachers cultivate STEM minds and supports the development of teacher leaders. Previously, she taught middle/high school physics for nine years before serving as an Einstein Fellow with the U.S. Department of Energy focused on K-Grey energy literacy.

Zeke Kossover taught high school science for 21 years before becoming an educator in the Teacher Institute at the Exploratorium where he designs activities and workshops to help teachers do more hands-one activities. He has won numerous teaching awards and in 2011 was selected to be an Einstein Fellow at the National Science Foundation in the Office of Legislative and Public Affairs.

NaJuana Lee has over a decade of education experience in secondary and post-secondary learning environments. She is the recipient of numerous academic and national awards including the University of Georgia Dissertation Completion Fellowship Award and the Excellence in Research Award. She is an educational consultant in areas of social justice, arts curriculum development, culturally responsive art teaching and personalized learning.

Rebecca Vieyra is a former high school physics teacher who now manages an international STEM teacher education network, co-founder of Vieyra Software, and is a doctoral student in science education. She earned National Board Teacher Certification (2010), won the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching (2013), and was selected by NASA as an Einstein Fellow (2014).

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